AutoCount Cloud Payroll - VSOFT DYNAMIC

AutoCount Cloud Payroll - VSOFT DYNAMIC


20% Off and 50% Subsidy SME Digitalization Initiatives

It is time to switch to a Cloud Based Payroll & HR Software to improve efficiency and accuracy.

All In One

Managing staff payroll, leaves and claim system in one single

MITI SOP Compliance

Stay compliant with MITI SOP on tracking & recording Employees Health Status for approved businesses who resume operations during MCO period.


Access via desktop or mobile app and receive instant notification to stay up to date.

Employee Self-Service

Employee self service portal to access individual payslip , leave information, EA form and many more.

Do Payroll in any time any where

How fast can boss approve your claim?

Leave application also can be done in toilet?

What's so different between other Cloud Payroll?


AutoCount Cloud Payroll offer 20% off package price, valid until 31st May 2020.
For any SME company who want to start digital journey, MDec offer 50% or up to RM 5,000 grant claim back for 5 digitization areas.

How to record daily employee health record?

As to comply to MITI regulation of SOP, get Free Lifetime Access to Health Screening features. Either filled up by HR or employee self-service, HR can get full and statistical report with ease.

How to know active employee headcount in past 6 months?

Restricted by access rights control, every employee/user may view overall information on dashboard upon login. Including statistics/charts, applications status, pending approvals, to-do list and notification

AutoCount Cloud Payroll Dashboard - VSOFT DYNAMIC

Integration With AutoCount Accounting

Connect to AutoCount Accounting via web services API and get the related payroll transaction posted to accounting modules.

Integration With AutoCount Accounting - VSOFT DYNAMIC

Can employee do self service?

YES.. All employees allow to apply leave, apply claims, check leave, check claims balance & download payslip through our ESS portal and mobile apps too. HR can now cross their finger on all these tedious processes.

Sign Up for Free Life-Time Access

Free LifeTime Access for 3 Employees for Payroll, E-Leave and E-Claim. Just click Sign Up button now!

Built In Comprehensive HR Letter

Say goodbye to Excel HR Letter template. Our built in comprehensive HR Letter helps you prepare HR letter in a single click. Change into your format as your like

Built In HR Letter - VSOFT DYNAMIC

Organization Chart

With our powerful visualize tool, you can now manage your company employees & company hierarchy chart easily.

Orgnization Chart - VSOFT DYNAMIC

Formula Builder

Our system allow you to create your own formula in Allowance/Deduction/OT etc. No additional system changes are required to fulfill your company calculation need.

Allowance/Deduction Formula Builder - VSOFT DYNAMIC

Payslip Designer

Now, you can design your company payslip on your own. No extra cost & support is needed.

Payslip Report Designer - VSOFT DYNAMIC

Other Core Features

Statutory Compliance

Statutory Compliance with EPF, SOCSO, EIS, PCB Calculation. LHDN Certified.

Electronic Payment

Electronic Payment to Government and Online Banking Website. Complete all transaction in minutes.

Computerized Payslip

Choose between printed form or electronic form. Raise your company brand image

Real-Time Management Report

Instant Management Report that can be customized and export to PDF / Excel on your demand.

Integration with Time Attendance System

Link up overtime, lateness and leave from time attendance system, or auto calculate allowance / deduction.

PCB Calculator

Validate and eliminate errors in payroll tax deductions using the embedded LHDN-PCB calculator

Get Training And Certified Yourself

VSOFT DYNAMIC is proud to be the first in Malaysia to offer AutoCount Cloud Payroll Certification Class. More companies already certified their HR staff to use AutoCount Cloud Payroll. Sign up your seats today too.

Customer Testimonial - BS Bathing Sdn Bhd

Customer Testimonial - fotea (Bubble Tea Shop)

Yearly Package Pricing Offer

Lš¢š¦š¢š­šžš-š­š¢š¦šž š¢š§š­š«šØšš®šœš­šØš«š² šØšŸšŸšžš« until 31st May 2020 only. The matching grant is also open for the first šŸšŸŽšŸŽ,šŸŽšŸŽšŸŽ š’šŒš„š¬ šØš§š„š². ā£ā£š€šœš­ šŸššš¬š­ ššš§š š„š§šŖš®š¢š«šž ššŽš–! ā£ā£ ā£ā£ Take this opportunity to transform your Payroll & HR processes digitally. Prepare for the flexibility to work from anywhere and at any time.ā£ā£

Yearly Package Price - VSOFT DYNAMIC

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