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Why Choose Us?

10++ Years of Practical Experience

Software Training, Meet Requirements, Fulfillment And Customize To Your Needs

Dedicated Customer Support

Dedicated Technical Support with Zero Distance

Seamless Integration

We only offer best value products in market that can integrate each other. Save your research time.


VSOFT Core Features

VSOFT Dynamic is here to make sure you gain the best knowledge and know-how. Complete your works in no brainer.

Not just latest but smarter

We ensure you not get up-to-date technologies and also get smarter solutions

Statutory Compliance

Make sure your company pay out EPF, SOCSO, EIS, PCB on time.

Dedicated Supports

We have zero distance with you, backup you whenever you need.

Make Greener

We help you to make your work to be more green. Good bye to manual paper work.

Why Digital HRMS System So Important

No Buddy Punching

Ensure time-clocking is unique and accurate to the time.

Real-Time Reporting

Get management report instantly then move on to your next routine job.

Human As Assets

Store all employee profile since day 1 until last day. Fast retrieve and no delay.

Wages and Salaries

Accurate wages and salary pay out with computerized payslip.

Maintain Compliance

Stay up-to-date with latest statutory calculation and prevent fines.

Data Analysis

Provide HR staff data insights to negotiate employee group benefits that can align to company budget and consistent with economic conditions.

What We Different

We are focused entirely on solutions, implementation, training and supports. We provide quality advices and business process automation value-added into any SME corporations.

  •  1-on-1 Training
  •  Online Webbinar Training
  •  Authorised Classroom Training
  •  Software Customization Services
  •  Project Implementation for Multi-Location
  •  Cloud / On Premises HRMS Solutions

We are committed to provide professional HRMS knowledge and educate our clients on digital business transformation. So long as you are interested to explore more on HRMS standardization, welcome to join us.

Get 20% Offer + 50% SME Digital Grant

For any SME company who want to start digital journey, MDec offer 50% or up to RM 5,000 grant claim back for 5 digitization areas.

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